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Thank you for QiLu Pharmaceutical company purchased 1 set of MJY60-6 vacuum belt dryer; Thank you for T.B. Fruit company purchased 1 set of MJG220-11 vacuum belt dryer; Thank you for Shanghai LeiYunShang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. purchased 2 sets of MJY60-6 vacuum belt dryers.

Minjie Industrial Park

  • Market application of more than 600 sets of equipment, trusted by more than 500 clients, has become a global reliable cooperation supplier in drying equipment industry.

  • More than 20 years of innovation and development.

  • Focus on solving problems in the pharmaceutical, food, biological, and chemical industries.

  • Minjie adhere to the “Quality first, service-oriented” the road of development.

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Why Choose Us

Minjie-Machinery-1Shanghai Minjie Machinery Company is the leading manufacturer of vacuum low temperature evaporator and vacuum belt dryer in China with years over 20 years development, and is enjoying a good reputation.

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Performance and quality reach the advanced level, and the company has a number of patented technologies and accesses to a number of awards.


China exported first vacuum belt dryer by Shanghai Minjie Machinery Company in 2009. Exports has been nearly a decade of history, has accumulated rich experience and to ensure quality of reliability. Capacity of 100 sets of equipment all over the world.


Rely on the high standard of the research and development, stable product quality, safety performance, and professional after-sales team, we serve countless enterprises both domestic and overseas.

Product Application

Sales of advanced drying equipment, low temperature vacuum evaporator and sterilizer.


1811, 2020

Dehydrated Vegetable Dryer

The dehydrated vegetable dryer is a special equipment researched and developed on the basis of the traditional mesh belt dryer. It has strong pertinence, practicability, and high energy efficiency. It [...]

1611, 2020

  Client: Sunflower Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Product: Chinese Patent Medicine Date of Purchase: 2007.09;2011.01;2013.04;208.06 Vacuum Belt Dryer Model Purchased: MJY120-7;MJY60-6;MJY80-6; Quantity: 6 Sets Drying Temperature: adjustable Moisture Content of raw [...]

1211, 2020

Korea lithium battery liquid vacuum drying project

Date:2010-7 Model:MJY50-5 Raw Material:Lithium battery fluid Material Temperature: Adjutable Moisture Content of Raw Material:20%-50% Moisture Content of Dry Products:1%-5% There are 5 layer of conveying belts in the Lithium Battery [...]


How many years history of your factory?2020-02-19T13:38:17+00:00

Answer: Since 1998.

Could I have some information about your scope of business?2020-02-19T13:39:00+00:00

Answer:  Minjie engages in research, manufacturing and sales of advanced drying equipment (vacuum belt dryer & thin-layer drying system), low temperature vacuum evaporator and sterilization equipment.

What is your advantage?2020-02-19T13:40:17+00:00

Answer: It is the strength of R&D, the highness of technique, and the standardization of production that synthetically ensures steady quality of Minjie equipment.

What’s minimum quantity of an order of your machine?2020-02-19T13:40:38+00:00

Answer: 1 set.

What is the annual production capacity?2020-02-19T13:41:01+00:00

Answer: Over 100 sets

Purchasing process2020-02-19T13:41:24+00:00

Answer: Consultation, test, technical scheme determination, business negotiation, contract.

Utility supplied by buyer2020-02-19T13:41:47+00:00

Answer: Steam, industrial electricity, water, compressed air.

What is the cleaning way of equipment?2020-02-19T13:42:13+00:00

Answer: CIP cleaning system, automatically and continuously.

What is the after-sales service type?2020-02-19T13:42:43+00:00

Answer: 24-hour service hotline is available. Engineers onsite to guide installation, commissioning and training.

What is the delivery time?2020-02-19T13:43:12+00:00

Answer: 120 days

How to ship the equipment?2020-02-19T13:43:38+00:00

Answer: Flat Rack + container

How long is guarantee period?2020-02-19T13:44:01+00:00

Answer: 1 year after finishing installation and commissioning.