Material Description:

Lithium carbonate, an inorganic compound with the chemical formula Li2CO3, is a colorless monoclinic crystal or white powder. The density is 2.11g/cm3. The melting point is 723°C (1.013*10^5Pa). Soluble in dilute acid. Slightly soluble in water, the solubility in cold water is greater than that in hot water. Insoluble in alcohol and acetone. It can be used to make ceramics, medicines, catalysts, etc. Commonly used raw materials for lithium-ion batteries.


The material used in this test is lithium carbonate, which is used as a raw material for lithium electronic pools. The equipment used in the test is a solid vacuum low-temperature drying equipment from Shanghai Minjie. The solvent content of the test material is 7%, the solvent is water, and the cloth method is floating up and down, and drying. The humidity of the dry lithium carbonate powder is less than 0.2%.

Principle of Vacuum Belt Dryer for lithium carbonate

According to the size of the customer’s production capacity, 3-11 layers of conveyor belts are designed and arranged in the vacuum container. Through the continuous solid feeder and the distributor, the raw materials that the customer needs to be dried are continuously fed under the vacuum condition, and they are evenly placed in the drying chamber. With the belt, because the material is constantly turning during the drying process, the evaporation speed and time are accelerated, and the uniformity of the product during the drying process is ensured. The drying temperature is adjustable at 20-150°C. The material enters the dryer and exits after drying. The material can be adjusted in about 20-80 minutes. If the dried product needs a crushing process, it can be crushed under vacuum conditions to avoid flying dust, increase product yield and solve problems such as pollution. The dried product is continuously discharged through the vacuum continuous discharger and the vacuum receiver, and at the same time, the organic solvent can be recovered, which solves the environmental protection problem and increases the solvent recovery revenue.

Advantages of Vacuum Belt Dryer for lithium carbonate:

1. Realize continuous feeding and continuous discharging under vacuum conditions

2. Realize the automation, continuity, and pipelineization of the drying process

3. The drying process temperature is adjustable at 20-150℃

4. The operating cost is one third of the traditional drying process

5. The product yield reaches more than 99%

6. Drying time 20-80 minutes adjustable

7. Greatly reduce labor costs

8. Adopt PLC automatic control system

9. Reduced the links of product pollution caused by complex drying process

10. Realize the solvent recovery requirements in the product drying process

11. Online automatic cleaning, in line with GMP requirements.

Lithium carbonate vacuum Belt dryer, lithium carbonate belt drying equipment is an efficient continuous belt drying equipment, its unique structure and working principle determine that it has the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption, convenient operation and control, etc. It can be used in traditional Chinese medicine , Western medicine, food, chemical and other enterprises:


Various solids, crystals, granules, powders, pastes, pills, fruits and other raw materials

**Easily oxidized, explosive, strong irritant, highly toxic materials

**Products that need to recycle various solvents


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