PT.Mayora Indah TBK Vacuum Belt Dryer project in Indonesia

Customer: PT.Mayora Indah TBK

Purchase Date: 2009-08; 2012-03;

Model: MJY186-10 ; MJY200-10 Vacuum Belt Dryer

Product: Cocoa powder

vacuum belt dryer

Process introduction: PT.Mayora Indah TBK purchased Minjie vacuum belt dryer for their cocoa powder making.

Material temperature: <60℃

The moisture content of raw material: ≈20%

The moisture content of dried material: <3%

Through the project acceptance and communication, Minjie vacuum belt dryer has received their unanimous approval. In the next few production lines, they will consider going to change the spray dryers into our vacuum belt dryer to reduce the original high energy consumption, large raw material loss, uneven product quality, and high labor costs.

PT Mayora feedback