Large-scale extraction and concentration equipment is one of the main products of Shanghai Minjie Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd.. With many years of rich experience in producing extraction and concentration equipment, its reputation and performance have won the trust of many famous enterprises. Welcome to purchase extraction and concentration equipment. Shanghai large-scale extraction and concentration equipment factory is located in Qinggang Industrial Park, Fengxian, Shanghai. It has many years of production history of extraction and concentration equipment. It has cooperated with many design institutes, research institutes and universities across the country for many years, and has accumulated a wealth of equipment manufacturing and use technology. experience.

Large-scale extraction and concentration equipment, that is, high-efficiency and energy-saving concentrator, the cost for each ton of solvent evaporated is less than 10USD.

Working principle of large extraction and concentration equipment

Drawing on the principle of refrigeration, the energy-carrying medium completes the continuous cycle of gas→liquid→gas state in a closed loop system. The medium realizes heat release and absorption during the phase change process. The released heat energy is used for the heating and evaporation of the material and the absorbed heat. Condensation heat from the secondary steam generated by the evaporation of the material liquid. Through the utilization of both cold and heat of energy, material liquid concentration, solvent evaporation and solvent recovery are realized.

Scope of application of large extraction and concentration equipment

It is widely used in the dehydration process of pharmaceutical, food, chemical, biological, environmental protection and other industries, and is more suitable for organic solvents (mainly used for flammable and explosive products): such as methanol, ethanol, ethyl acetate, acetone, n-hexane solution, etc. Evaporation and concentration of solvent; It can also be applied to evaporation and concentration of aqueous solution.