In mid-to-late April 2021, a fine chemical company in Zhejiang came to Shanghai Minjie Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. for FAT. The equipment accepted this time is the MJG120-7 vacuum low-temperature  continuous dryer for particles and pwder ordered by the company in January 2021. Used for drying fine chemical raw materials.

The company is mainly engaged in the manufacture of fine chemical product intermediates, and its products are used in many fields such as pesticides, medicines, and functional chemicals. As the most important drying link, the selection of drying equipment is particularly important. Therefore, the personnel of the company’s technology, procurement, electrical appliances, production process and other departments conducted various aspects of the vacuum low-temperature continuous dryer for particles and powder equipment configuration, equipment process, main material thickness, surface roughness, and material of Shanghai Minjie Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. confirm.

  • Positive pressure explosion-proof cabinet acceptance

  • Explosion-proof touch screen acceptance

  • Acceptance of pneumatic control box

  • Acceptance of main body

  • Others

Finally, under the cooperation of both parties, Minjie vacuum low temperature continuous dryer strictly abides by all acceptance principles, regardless of equipment process, main material thickness, explosion-proof condition, material, etc., all successfully passed the acceptance standards.

Win a good reputation with quality and build a good brand with integrity. For more than 20 years, Minjie has kept up with the wind and rain, forge ahead, always insist on quality first on the road of continuous innovation in drying technology, and build a solid foundation for quality. In the future, Minjie will continue to provide customers with first-class technology and high-quality products through continuous innovation and scientific management, and create more value for customers.