Sorbitol General Introduction:
Sorbitol, also known as sorbitol. It is white hygroscopic powder or crystalline powder, flakes or granules, odorless. Depending on the crystallization conditions, the melting point varies from 88 to 102°C. It is easily soluble in water (1g can be dissolved in about 0.45mL water), and slightly soluble in ethanol and acetic acid. It has a cool sweet taste, the sweetness is about half of that of sucrose, and its calorific value is similar to that of sucrose. In the food industry, it is mostly 69~71% sorbitol liquid. Toxicity tests have shown that excessive oral administration can cause diarrhea and digestive disorders.

Sorbitol dryer
Working principle of sorbitol special drying equipment:
It is a vacuum drying equipment with continuous feeding and continuous discharging. The liquid raw materials are transported to the dryer through the feeding pump, and distributed evenly on the conveyor belt through the distributor. The high vacuum reduces the boiling point temperature of the materials and the moisture of the liquid raw materials. It is directly sublimated into gas, and the conveyor belt runs at a constant speed on the heating plate. The heat source in the heating plate can be steam, hot water or electric heating. Through the operation of the conveyor belt, from the evaporation and drying at the front end to the cooling and discharge at the back end, the temperature range varies from High to low, which can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the material. The discharge end is equipped with a specific vacuum crushing device to reach the finished products of different particle sizes. The dried powder can be automatically packaged or subsequent processes.

Sorbitol dryer
Sorbitol special drying equipment adapts to materials:
Drying operations of medicines, chemical raw materials, food, grain processing, and feed. Such as: drying and dehumidification of raw materials, tablet granules, Chinese medicine granules, health foods, beverage granules, corn germ, feed, plastic resin, citric acid and other powdered materials.

Sorbitol dryer

Technical parameters of sorbitol special drying equipment: