• 产品名称: Vacuum belt dryer for powder&particle

Drying equipment


Solve drying process problem for clients is our innovation goal,According to

clients'requirement, we offer upgrade drying technology service elaborately.




      There are 3-11 layers of conveyor belts inside the cylindrical shell, the more the layers, and the larger the capacity. By feed and distributing device, the wet solid material is input continuously, and then distributed evenly on the conveyor belt under vacuum. Motion of the belt stirs the materials constantly, which speeds up evaporation,thus shortens the drying time, and also makes sure homogeneity during drying.The drying temperature and drying time (from feed-in to discharge) are adjustable(20~150℃)(20~80min).If the dried product needs granulation, it can be comminuted under vacuum, no dust flying appears, which increases products’yielding and avoid contamination. The dried product is discharged continuously by vacuum discharging and collecting device. Organic solvent in the wet materials can be recycled by our system, removing pollution problem caused by traditional dryers, and adding profit.


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Technological process



Equipment advantage


● Continuous feed-in, dry, granulate, discharge in vacuum state                     ● Less labor cost and energy consumption

● Completely closed system, simplified processes and no contamination       ● Excellent quality of the products  
● Adjustable drying temperature (20~150℃)& drying time (20~80min)   ● Little loss of product and solvent recycling possible  

● PLC automatic control system & CIP cleaning system                                     ● GMP Standards




Application scope


      Industries: pharmaceutical, food, chemical, biological;Drying material state: solid, crystal, particle, powder, pills, fruit & vegetable slices or chips, leaves, etc;Some special material: easy oxidation,easy explosion, strong stimulation, high toxicity;Material needing solvent recycling.


Equipment specification


Model  Diameter  Length  Height Heat-exchange area



Moisture content of feeding material   Moisture content of dried product





  mm mm mm % %   kg/h kw
MJG15-3 1400 7500 3000 15 20-150

having fluidity


Steam or Hot
water or Hot oil

8-12 6.00
MJG35-5 1600 9800 3300 35 18-25 8.00
MJG50-5 2200 11500 3800 50 25-35 12.00
MJG70-5 2200 13500 3800 70 35-45 12.00
MJG80-5 2200 15500 3800 80 40-60 12.00
MJG120-7 2300 16000 4200 120 70-90 15.00
MJG160-9 2500 16000 4500 160 90-120 17.00
MJG220-11 2800 16000 4500 200 120-150 19.00


      If the solvent of raw material is organic (ethanol, acetone, methanol etc.), evaporation capacity would rise. Evaporation capacity is closely related with drying temperature.