The birth of vacuum belt dryer, changed traditional static drying into vacuum dynamic drying, conquered technical problems of technology& equipment in pharmaceutical &biological, food & health, fine chemical and so on industries, met client’s requirements, set up industry model. 
Thin-layer drying system adopts low temperature radiation & thin layer drying technology which is called "the fourth generation drying technology" by international academia. The successful development of thin-layer drying system provides new-style drying technology and equipment for plant extraction, additive, vegetable and fruit further processing, and so on industries.
Through three years’ effort, we successfully developed airflow instantaneously heating sterilizer, which solves powder & granule material’s sterilization process problems in traditional Chinese medicine, food & healthcare, and so on industries, leading industry development trend.

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20 years entrepreneurial process, Minjie people always stick to the principle “honest” as basis of foundation, keep our promises and unity of knowledge and practice, set up low temperature drying ...