Application industries


Pharmaceutical,biological,food,healthcare and fine chemical industry customized 

low temperature drying,low temperature concentration and ambient-temperature 

sterilization equipment solution plan for clients.

Vacuum belt dryer for liquid and paste


Vacuum belt dryer (VBD) is mainly used in drying many kinds of liquid or paste raw material, such as traditional & western medicines, food, biological products, chemical material, health foods, food additive etc, especially suitable for drying material with high-viscosity, easy agglomeration, or thermoplastic, thermal sensitivity, or material that can not be dried by traditional dryer. For above materials, VBD is the best choice:

Pharmaceutical industry:chinese medicine extract, plant extract, egg embryo,PVPK series, fermenting liquid etc.

Food industry:malt extract, carbohydrate, instant beverage, tea powder, cocoapowder, corn paste etc.

Chemical Industry:lithium battery, emamectin benzoate etc.



Vacuum belt dryer for powder & particle


Industries: pharmaceutical, food, chemical, biological;Drying material state: solid, crystal, particle, powder, pills, fruit & vegetableslices or chips, leaves, etc;Some special material: easy oxidation, easy explosion, strong stimulation, hightoxicity;Material that needs solvent recycling.



Thin-layer drying system


Thin-layer drying system can be widely used in food, healthy care products, agricultural products'processing, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.

Vegetables: pumpkin, carrots, yam, purple yam, tomatoes, purple potato, and so on.
Fruits: papaya, Chinese wolfberry, strawberry, blueberries, raspberry, pineapple,
mango, and so on.

Sugar: pullulan polysaccharide, β glucan, and so on.
Chemical material: PVP, xanthan gum, and so on.

Aquatic products and algae: kelp, blue-green algae, durum, and so on.



Airflow instantaneously heating sterilizer


Mainly used in traditional Chinese medicine, food, healthcare and so on industries'powder & granule material sterilization.



Ambient–temperature sterilizer


Pharmaceutical, food, biotech, makeup and etc. industries Products as tablets, medicines, pills, granules, powder, fluid and so on.



Vacuum low-temperature evaporator


Suitable for thin, heat-sensitive liquid material that requires low temperature(20-50℃)in pharmaceutical, food, chemical industries.

such as: Fruit juice, milk products, instant tea liquid, Chinese traditional medicine raw material, fermentation broth, lactic acid bacteria, protease, plant extract, biological products etc.



Fine crusher


Pharmaceutical, food, chemical and so on industries, especially for products of gelosis, ingots or threadiness form.