About Minjie

Brand strategy


Development strategy

The company relies on: "deepening reform, bold innovation, continue to develop" 12 word policy, to further optimize the product structure, enhance technological innovation capability, accelerate the industrialization of scientific research, and strive to pass five years to expand the image of Minjie brand to create the industry's top Brand, to achieve enterprise group management mode.


Corporate culture strategy

Enterprise spirit: Honest、Conscientious、Rigorous、stable、reliable、service

Core values: Because of intelligence, so excellence

Development philosophy: do moral thing, earn conscience money

Talent philosophy: Let everybody fully display and make the best use of his talents

Business philosophy: To creat value for customers is our forever pursuit

Service Philosophy: Be an expert who provides excellent products to our customers

Qualitypolicy: Quality is the eternal pursuit, and the products and services that provide customers with satisfaction are

Our constant commitment.
Enterprise vision: It is a leading enterprise in China's low temperature drying, concentration and powder sterilization products.

Enterprise missionLet everyone and the company work together to live a good life.

Enterprise slogan: carry forward craftsman spirit, create Minjie quality.


Human resources strategy

1. Talent concept: people make the best use of their best use

2. Training technology, innovative, energetic management team.

3. To establish a sound performance appraisal incentive mechanism, and strive to achieve within 5 years of employees per capita income of not less than 100,000 yuan.


Management strategy

The company adopted a group of business strategy, five years to set up three wholly-owned subsidiary, their main vacuum low temperature belt dryer, sterilization equipment and other equipment, the number of employees reached 300 people.


Product management strategy

The company established a vacuum belt dryer as the core, with sterilization equipment and thin-layer drying system for the two wings, vacuum low- temperature  evaporator and other products as aided diversified product development strategy. 5 years to achieve vacuum belt dryer annual sales of 200 million yuan, 200 million yuan of sterilization equipment, other products 100 million yuan target.


Cooperate with the Chinese Academy of Sciences



Business negotiation



Scientific research



Technical guidance



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